The Asha Project
Key Services include:  *Domestic violence victim/survivor case management * Crisis Intervention * Advocacy * Safety Planning * Abuser/Batterer Counseling * Parenting * Anger Management and Job training at Sistahs'.

Who we serve...Victims and survivors of domestic/sexual violence * Sex trafficking victims * In custody/post incarceration * Abusers/Batterers * Families of victims/survivors. We work with many people regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality or disability. 

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​​Asha's Niche

HISTORY- The Asha Project is the rebirth of Asha Family Services, Inc. (Asha). Asha is a domestic and sex trafficking prevention organization specializing in African American culturally specific services, located in the central city of Milwaukee, WI. Asha was founded in 1989 and developed by it's Chief Executive Officer, Antonia A.  Drew Vann. 

 The new Asha Project is in partnership with End Domestic Abuse WI/Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

HISTORY OF SERVICES:  Asha began providing its initial services as follows:

DV = Domestic Violence/Abuse

SA = Sexual Assault

ST = Sex Trafficking

*Sex Trafficking Victim Services 1988

*Domestic and Sexual Violence (DV/SA) Victim safety services-1989.

*Children who witness violence services-1990.

*Children’s DV safety groups in Schools-1993 to 2007

*DV/SA Victim Case management- 1989

*DV Community Education – 1989,

*In Prison Support Groups for female victim services,

*In Prison Education Groups for men, 1990,

*Opened victim offices in District Attorney’s Office 1992 to 2002,

*Crisis Intervention Team.  Asha Advocates and District 5 City of Milwaukee Police Officers team up to respond to DV crime scenes to provide enhanced and immediate victim services 1995-97

*Ujima Men’s Program 1994, a non-traditional abuser treatment program culturally specific to African American men who abuse and batter women.

*State licensed Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Clinic-1995-2012

*Healthy Beginnings Project (Black Health Coalition of WI) Asha DV/SA, substance abuse and mental health counselor see  pregnant women in Milwaukee County Jail-1995-2005.

*HIV and STD testing, treatment and prevention – 1999-2011 State of WI

*Transitional Housing for women released from Prison-2006 to 2010,

*Transitional Housing (long-term) for victims of Domestic, Sexual and Dating Violence and their children who are homeless due to victimization-2007-2010, 

*Employment training and skill building. Sistahs’ Café & Deli– 2008-2011 - under redevelopment.

The Asha Project/Asha Family Ser. in Sherman Park

The Heart and Pulse of Asha is Culturally Specific African American Programs. Asha's Design Rational: Many underlying problems such as poverty, which later manifest themselves in drug and alcohol dependency, domestic and sexual violence, incarceration and child abuse and neglect are often times socio-culturally anchored.  As a result, when traditional agencies and methods attempt to meet the needs of some individuals and families from the African American community, the underlying currents, which are actually factors in the cause of the problems, are not adequately addressed, understood or even respected.   The issue of domestic violence is complex within the African American community.  This complexity is further compounded by problems along racial lines, historical trauma and discrimination, a lack of access to services in the community,  and providers' inadequate cultural knowledge of daily issues for victims of abuse residing in the community. 

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